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Your work is amazing! Very happy I came across it, you're such a great artist! Can't wait to see more
adenie-meier adenie-meier Said:

awwww thank you! so happy to read such words :,>

late hbd to the “best dad”, i suppose 

i already hate her 
but at the same time i love her ;_;


I know I probably posted or Reblogged this before but it’s just the most beautiful piece of Concept Art I’ve seen.



The real Bomb Girls in wartime in USA, in the 40’s.

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random original stuff >( somewhen i’ll draw everyone correctly and clearly, but not in this life

little dump of fanarts that i did in past couple months ;_; also uncolored version of this.
/too hard to make separate posts for each piece meh/

/throws table and jumps into window/


Thanks Luke, THANKS

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A regular day in TUMBLR (original gifs from nitehawkcinema)

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too turnt w/ this baguette


too turnt w/ this baguette

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